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Gilmour is 6 months old

I tried to get some photos done with his 6 month sign but he wanted nothing to do with that again. These will have to do for his half birthday. On September 6th, G turned 6 months old. We did … Continue reading

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Zia, you are FOUR!!!

What do you do on your 4th birthday?  You go to Humdinger!!  Poor thing almost slept through the visit though.  Grammie and PopPop were in late for the weekend and so the girls were up late and then surprise, awake … Continue reading

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SUYL-Living rooms and Highland Park

One of the blogs that I read multiple times a week is from a woman named Kelly Stamps. You can find her blog on Kelly’s Korner. She’s in Alabama and a total southern girl. She’s also very religious and spreads … Continue reading

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Better than Reese’s!

I remember as a kid looking forward to Easter every year. I was raised Catholic so we went to church every year, I took religion classes and had the ashes put on my forehead (where does that come from? I … Continue reading

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Super Bowl

All I heard all season long was how much the Giants sucked. Huh, if that were the case, how did they win the Super Bowl? I don’t know… I hate football. Back in 2008, when they won for the first … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jimmy!

You love football! Sonyea and I made you a football cake for your birthday! Complete with Eli Manning! HA! I should have stopped at the armless guy without a helmet. The image in my head of the cakes I want … Continue reading

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Cake lollipops

Ever see someone post something or hear them say they tried something and you HAVE to try it?  I did.  A friend of mine on facebook posted this link last week and I’ve been thinking about it since.  I thought … Continue reading

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It’s Father’s Day and all I got was this lousy cake!

Yup, the perfect occasion to bake a monster cake! Happy Father’s Day Jimmy!! I’m getting better at it. Especially when the recipe calls for chocolate, pretzels and chocolate milk! Here’s what we were looking for. Something along these lines. Yes, … Continue reading

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Fondant you know

Along with my camera and obsession with taking pictures just to find that one perfect one, I would like to think that I have a want to make cakes. Not the cake wrecks kind but the Sunday Sweets kind. My … Continue reading

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