Whoa, an update!

Hi. Remember me? I’m Rhonda. This is our crazy life.

I have a shit-ton of updating to do. Somehow, I’ll have to make time to go through facebook and get all the milestones here. Most of the pictures are already on the computer, it’ll just be a matter of getting them published for safe-keeping.


For now, a few from today.


We did a little bit of cleaning the other day and it produced some things we haven’t played with in a long time.


And then there is this wonder face::

Everyone is finally healthy, we got our flu shots last week finally and we are staying busy. Sonyea is doing gymnastics twice a week, basketball and softball. She’s also fitting in time to do her reading assignments and math homework. I’m working 4-5 days a week and Gilmour is growing like crazy. The other day we found him standing unassisted. It was only for about 2.5 seconds but he was standing nonetheless. It’s almost time to start pushing him over. The thought of him walking makes me want to vomit. Zia is the social butterfly. She’s had about 5 birthday parties in the last few months and just got another invite today. Going to two different classes with tons of kids doesn’t help that. She’s finally to the point where she likes going to both classes and is learning. She’s really smart but only on her terms!

I’ve got some photos dating back to Halloween. Will see what I can do about getting those up sometime.

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