Gilmour is 6 months old

I tried to get some photos done with his 6 month sign but he wanted nothing to do with that again.


These will have to do for his half birthday. On September 6th, G turned 6 months old.


We did his half birthday cupcake early because of the start of school. Grammie and PopPop came into town on Labor Day weekend for the occasion. He ended up loving the cupcake and shredded it everywhere.


Hanging out with his two favorite Grandpas. He’s doing much better with going to other people and interacting. He had no idea what was in store for him.


I gave him his cupcake and he had no idea what to do with it. I don’t think he’s ever seen one in real life. I had to put some frosting on his lips and he cried for more.


Then, he dug right in!!! We started “solids” a little earlier than I had wanted to but he needed something more and I am not too keen on giving him more formula. We started with oatmeal but he wanted nothing to do with it. Screamed the entire time I was giving it to him. He’s now enjoying sweet potatoes, applesauce, prunes, carrots, peaches, and bananas. He hates peas but he eats them.


He really wants EVERYTHING we eat. Seriously.


Gilmour can roll over from his back to his belly. He can do an uncontrolled roll over from his forearms to his back which catches him by surprise every time. Makes me laugh too. Speaking of laughing, Sonyea can get him going. Oh boy, does that child love his big sister Sonyea!!!


He doesn’t have any favorite toys. Just goes with the flow and will play with whatever he can get his hands on. He’s still very much high maintenance. Really needs to be held or comforted or entertained much of the day. First thing in the morning, we have an hour where he’s content to do whatever you want him to do before his morning nap. We still don’t have much of a routine, but we are trying. About an hour or two after he wakes up, it’s nap time again. Sometimes, it’s as long as two hours but most days it’s 30 minutes to an hour. Overnights, it’s a crap shoot. This mommy is always tired!!!


He can sit in the tripod when you put him there for a short bit but don’t go too far, he falls over a lot. He loves to sit in the bumbo and play with the stage/mirror. “If you are happy and you know it” is his favorite song. Always smiles when you sing it. He also enjoys “Pat-a-cake.” He will often times hang out in his swing for a little bit if you need a break from entertaining him but don’t you dare go out of his sight. I think he’s at that “out of sight, out of existence” point. Even if I talk to him, he still freaks out. As soon as he sees me, he’s cool. Just don’t leave without him. He also knows what the red shirt is. Most days he’s cool with me leaving for work but some days are more difficult.


Life is pretty crazy around here when the girls are here and they still love him very much.  They still fight over him too.



Happy Half Birthday Bubbers!! We love you so much!


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