First Day of School

Poor Marlin.  I know exactly how he felt.  This is what I was woken up to Friday.  Multiple times, the bed was jumped on and bounced and somehow, this Momma slept right through it.  Thanks to Jimmy for making sure the girls got on the bus.  Zia was very excited to ride the big bus to school with the big kids. She was first in line, that is until the bus pulled up. Then she went on after the big girls.

Thursday was her first official day. It was Parent/child day so I took her in since there was no bus transportation for the day for her. She was pretty nervous and not at all excited about going.

Zia side by side school

She made sure she was last in line and wouldn’t talk to anyone but me.


After an adult meeting in the library, the children hung out in the classroom doing some puzzles and listened to a story, we went outside on the playground. Silly girl was still at the end of the line and really paid attention. (yes, that’s sarcasm!)




We rode on the big bus and had some breakfast too. A great first day with our favorite teachers!!


Sonyea has had a bunch of first days already so she knew what to expect.

Sonyea side by side school


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