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The day after

What do you do the day after a bad day? Nothing goes right, all you do is fight, but crawling back into bed isn’t an option. Yesterday, was a bad day. I had to head into work today and try … Continue reading

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This momma hasn’t been THIS tired since Zia was a newborn nursing EVERY three hours. I keep spacing out, waking up not knowing what is going on but my eyes never closed. Cannot get motivation for anything. Where do you … Continue reading

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2nd Lost Tooth

This shark tooth has been loose and disgusting for months. A coworker of mine told me yesterday that her nephew let her pull his tooth just by using a tissue. Cue me begging Sonyea for an hour while holding tissue … Continue reading

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A new season

According to my employee handbook, we aren’t allowed to blog or facebook about work. Everyone does it though, I just choose to keep it vague and nice. If you know me, you know where I work. You know what I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Grandpas!

Just a quick shout out to Grandpa John on his birthday today!! And to Grandpa Jacobs, you are really really missed. I think about you ALL the time. Hope you stop by and visit sometimes.

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