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Merry Holidays

I can’t believe nobody commented on my Christmas card’s wording. I thought for sure as soon as they went out my phone would be ringing. I got one email commenting how nice they were and that was it. Did everyone … Continue reading

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School theater

Friday night, the school PTA did their first movie night. We love movies in this house, so we made a bag of popcorn, got dressed in our pjs and headed to school. After some technical difficulties, we watched the Smurfs. … Continue reading

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Crafts and Lights

Before I jump into the meaning of tonight’s post, let me update everyone on Sonyea’s appointment.  We visited with the allergist today and I have to say, I really liked her.  Minus the part where she took a phone call.  … Continue reading

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Elf on the Shelf

We’ve  jumped on the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon. Sometimes, it’s a hard thump that really smarts your bottom.  Seems as if everyone is talking about it and asking about it at work. If you haven’t heard, here’s the story.  … Continue reading

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Apple picking-rewind post

A few weeks ago, way back in October the girls and I packed up to go apple picking. To get out of the house, enjoy the nice weather and do something we don’t normally do. On her way to school. … Continue reading

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