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Got a phone call from the school nurse today. I hate seeing those numbers come up on my phone when Sonyea is at school. Scares me really. Today was no exception. She called to inform me that Sonyea fell down … Continue reading

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Tree trimmin’

There’s a 78 acre farm in Endicott full of christmas trees. Really! I love going every year, we’ve done it since Jimmy and I moved in together. More fun to go look for it, except when it’s raining. At least … Continue reading

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Hello Mr Turkey!!!

(November 23, 2011) Happy Thanksgiving!! We woke up ready and willing to rock out with Johnny Only for the annual Make your own Turkey hat show. We also purchased his newest CD! Sonyea made 90% of her hat while I … Continue reading

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Feast at Pre-K

(photos taken November 22, 2011) When Sonyea was in Head Start last year, we were welcomed with open arms to come visit anytime! Zia and I ended up visiting for lunch and free time every Tuesday. This year, with scheduling … Continue reading

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The new photo taker

Ladies and Gentleman::  Let me introduce you to our new photo taker.  Jimmy Knapp!  He needs practice but practice is what makes good pictures, right?  And a little bit of good editing.  I had to delete about 8 photos that … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving post

Hi folks!! Remember me? In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve dropped off the blogging face of the world lately. I’m not even going to apologize. Life has just taken off around here and there’s no looking back until at least … Continue reading

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