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Home made magic wands

We have a vegetable eating problem in this house. We don’t eat enough of them. Me and Jimmy set good examples and eat the veggies off our plates but the two little girls here, don’t follow suit. I’ve been trying … Continue reading

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Flooding 2011

Our camping trip was cut short due to Hurricane Irene. Tons of rain and wind, we just weren’t comfortable riding it out with only a tent to cover our heads. We got home in time to see all the flooding … Continue reading

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Spruce Row Campground

A few weeks ago, we decided we were going to go to the beach. Someplace nice and sandy, on the ocean. Then we decided we wanted to save some money, and we made plans to go camping just outside of … Continue reading

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Singin’ in the Rain

For those of you not my Facebook friend, I have a huge problem with our rude neighbors. I just don’t understand why they have the schedule they have. It works for them (apparently) but it doesn’t work for me. They … Continue reading

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Self tattoo

My children, the artists! You should see their artwork. I should start documenting it. I’ve got a million ideas on how to wash it all off the walls but really, do I want to spend all that time Magic Erasing … Continue reading

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Alpaca farm

Deciding to do something different sometimes is easy. Enjoying it, well, that’s another story. The drive out to the alpaca farm in Apalachin was longer than I had intended. Got there a few minutes late, no big deal but the … Continue reading

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First time away from home

For about a year now, Grammie has been talking about taking Sonyea to Buffalo for a week alone. Sonyea has been looking forward to it for a long time. That time finally came last week. It really was a spur … Continue reading

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Better than awesome meatballs!

Since making the cake balls this afternoon, I was craving spaghetti and meatballs. Thankfully, we had all the ingredients we needed to make the most awesomest meatballs in the world. I got the recipe idea from Alton Brown of the … Continue reading

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Cake lollipops

Ever see someone post something or hear them say they tried something and you HAVE to try it?  I did.  A friend of mine on facebook posted this link last week and I’ve been thinking about it since.  I thought … Continue reading

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I’ve got a ton of recipes that make me drool! I’ve posted them from time to time on facebook and on that old blog I used to have. From now on, I’m going to add them here when I find … Continue reading

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